How to Get to Peak of Vindagnyr in Genshin Impact (2023)

Do you like puzzles and you are ready to explore the icy mountains of Dragonspire? Unlocking the Peak of Vindagnyr is a very long and arduous quest chain that takes you all over the domain. If you’re willing to brave the elements and the game’s new Sheer Cold debuff mechanic, you’re in the right place.

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Find out what the 1.2 update introduced to the world of Teyvat and learn more about the perils of the mountains. Discover how to unlock this region and what you’re up against when you venture into Dragonspire on a mission to summit the Peak of Vindagnyr.

How to Get to Peak of Vindagnyr in Genshin Impact?

If your exploration brought you to the base of Dragonspine, you’re in the right place. You may want to check out the region, but different parts of the mountain are blocked off until you complete this quest chain. So, you may as well get to it as soon as possible.

Check out these steps to get started:

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Step 1 – Venturing Into the Mountains

  1. Go to the Adventurer’s Camp right outside of Dragonspine, southeast of Springvale.
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  2. Talk to Iris to obtain the “Investigate the Strange Ice” objective.
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  3. Go to the objective marker and destroy the Scarlet Quartz around it.
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  4. Pick up the Scarlet Quartz and notice how your character now has a red swirl around them.
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  5. While the red swirl is active, go back towards the quest objective and defeat enemies.
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  6. Destroy and pick-up Scarlet Quartz along the way to maintain damage buff and stave off Sheer Cold effects.
  7. Unlock nearby Waypoint and destroy Scarlet Quartz around it.
  8. Attack the Strange Ice while the Scarlet Quartz swirl is active.
  9. Destroy nearby Scarlet Quartz clusters as necessary until the Strange Ice is completely demolished.
  10. Destroying the four nearby crystals reveals the Frostbearing Tree that works like a Statue of Seven in the region.
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Step 2 – Outside of the Entombed City

Next, you need to destroy the air current that keeps you away from the summit. To do this, follow these steps:

  1. Activate the Cryo totems nearby in the correct order.
  2. When you activate the totems, the nearby Ruin Guards will wake up and attack you.
  3. Defeat the two Ruin Guards and the Ruin Grader.
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  4. Go to the chamber revealed by the crack in the ice.
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  5. Use the three nearby Scarlet Quartz clusters to deplete the shard’s health. You’ll notice that three shards only do approximately 75% damage to the shard.
  6. Use a Pyro character’s skill on one of the snow-covered protrusions near the wall to reveal the second Seelie.
  7. Wait for the two Seelie to reach their destination pedestals and the gate to open.
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  8. Open both chests and use the last Scarlet Quartz to break the leftover shard’s health.

Step 3 – Entering Starglow Cavern

The third and final shard is located in this cavern. You’ll need it to unlock Vindagnyr peak.

  1. Enter the area and take the path that descends.
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  2. At the bottom, you’ll see three pedestals and a challenge marker. One Seelie is visible above the pedestal, but the others may be hidden behind the frozen shard. Demolish nearby rocks to get a better view of them.
  3. Activate the challenge marker and defeat the frost hilichurls that spawn in.
  4. Completing the challenge reveals the barrier keeping you from the final shard.
  5. Destroy nearby Scarlet Quartz to get the warming buff and to demolish the final shard.
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Step 4 – Summiting the Mountain at Skyfrost Nail

Before you can get to the Peak of Vindagnyr, there’s one more set of puzzle shards to destroy. Fortunately, they’re all located within the same general area.

  1. Go down the pathway to reach Skyfrost Nail.
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  2. Destroy and interact with all three shards the same way by using the Scarlet Quartz buff.
  3. Once all the shards are destroyed and orbs activated, a pillar appears in the center of the area.
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  4. Use pillar opening to jump down into the Peak of Vindagnyr domain and loot the available chests.
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How to Unlock Peak of Vindagnyr in Genshin Impact?

You need to receive the quest objective “Investigate the Strange Ice” from Iris at the Adventurer Camp. She’s located southeast of the town of Springvale.

Once you receive the objective, venture into the mountains and solve the shard puzzles to advance up the mountain. The Sheer Cold mechanic is new to Genshin Impact, so watch your temperature bar carefully or you may see devastating results.

Additional FAQs

How Do You Unlock Brightcrown Mountains in Genshin Impact?

This region is locked until you finish Act 3, “Song of the Dragon and Freedom,” in the main story. You also need to have a minimum Adventure Rank of 18 to access this region.

How Do I Get to the Top of Skyfrost Nail?

To get to the top of Skyfrost, you need to venture into the mountains with the quest objective “Investigate the Strange Ice” from Iris at the nearby Adventurer Camp. Complete the ice puzzle and venture through the Entombed City and Starglow Cavern to reach Skyfrost Nail.

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How Do I Get to the Peak of Vindagnyr in Genshin Impact?

To get to the Peak of Vindagnyr, you need to start with the “Investigate the Strange Ice” quest objective. It’s given to you by an NPC named Iris. She’s at an Adventurer Camp between the Dragonspine pathway and Springvale.

Once you have the quest, venture into the mountains and solve the “strange ice” puzzle along the way. There are two sets of three shard puzzles to complete and demolish in total. Solving these puzzles will take you through the base of the mountains, Entombed City, Starglow Cavern, and Skyfrost Nail, in that order.

You need to solve all the puzzles and defeat all the enemies to unlock the Peak of Vindagnyr at Skyfrost Nail.

How Do You Get Divine Birds in Genshin Impact?

You learn about the Three Divine Birds from a pedestal at the top of a peak in the Qingyun Peak area. You can find them on Mount Aozang, Mount Hulao, and next to the Geo Statue of the Seven.

Check out the instructions below to activate them:

1. At each one of these locations, find the Divine Bird statue and rotate them so that they’re facing towards the pedestal on Qingyun Peak. The statue emits a beam of light if you do it correctly.

2. Once you turn all three statues, head back to the pedestal on Qingyun Peak.

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3. Ride the wind currents upward to hop onto the newly-spawned floating platforms.

4. Continue going from platform to platform until you reach a floating island.

5. Read the inscription and open the chests for your reward.

The Divine Birds puzzle doesn’t necessarily correlate to any specific quest in the game, but it does allow players to explore hard-to-reach areas and gives more flying opportunities for gliding enthusiasts.

How to Download Genshin Impact on PC?

If you’re ready to venture into the world of Teyvat, follow the steps below to start playing Genshin Impact on your computer:

• Go to the official Genshin Impact website.

• Select the Download button in the upper-right corner of the screen.

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• Choose Windows and wait for your computer to download the game.

• Open the .exe file to launch the game installer.

• Follow the installation prompts to fully install the game.

Genshin Impact may take a while to download, depending on your internet speed. So, be patient. You may also need to wait for extra updates and resource authentications in addition to the general game download.

Keep in mind that you do need a minimum of 16 GB of RAM and as much as 30 GB of storage space for the game. Additionally, you’ll also need at least an Intel Core i5 processor and NVIDIA GeForce GT 1030 graphics card to play this on your PC.

Get Ready for a New Winter Wonderland

The introduction of the mountains of Dragonspine adds a new danger element to the world of Genshin Impact. Players may be anxious to scale the mountains and claim glory on these snowy peaks but be careful. The Sheer Cold mechanic has defeated many daring explorers and sent many more scurrying for safer climes.
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Did it take you a long time to solve the ice shard puzzles in Dragonspine? Did you do it with or without looking at a guide? Brag about it in the comments section below.

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Where is Peak of Vindagnyr Genshin? ›

Peak of Vindagnyr is a Domain located on Dragonspine's peak. Unlocking this domain is done through the quest In the Mountains. Clearing this domain gives Artifacts. Challenge domains with higher levels to get better rewards.

How do you get to the top of Dragonspine without the quest? ›

Head back up the mountain until you're at the third Scarlet Quartz. You'll see a path you can follow marked with unlit braziers. Follow this path and eventually you'll reach the summit of Dragonspine and find another Anemo pillar. Activate it to create another gust of wind, which you can ride up to the floating pillar.

What quest unlocks Peak of Vindagnyr? ›

How To Unlock & Reach The Peak Of Vindagnyr. You'll need to clear the world quest called In The Mountain to unlock this domain. To complete this quest, you'll need to learn how to destroy the strange ice.

How do I get to Joel's father? ›

Finding Joel's Father Part 1 in Genshin Impact

Players need to head for one of the father's last known locations near the Statue of the Seven in Dragonspine. Fans who have unlocked the statue before can spawn there directly. If not, they will have to jump down a cliff and head into a small cave.

How do you not freeze in Dragonspine? ›

The moment players set foot in the Dragonspine area, they will need to look for a heat source to avoid constant damage. Genshin Impact players can look for Campfires or use items such as a Warming Bottle or Ghoulash.

Where is Joel's father? ›

Father. Joel is an NPC in Mondstadt. He can be found at the Dragonspine Adventurer Camp.

How do I get to the Dragonspine of seven without dying? ›

Level up the Frostbearing Tree and make a Warming Bottle. Standing near bonfires and torches. Standing near the Statue of Seven. A healing character can try to keep the party from dying with their powers.

What level should I go to Dragonspine? ›

Pretty much any level when your characters are strong enough. I'd recommend atleast your main and sub dps at lvl 50–60.

What level can you unlock Dragonspine? ›

After reaching level 8, do Crimson Wish to get more Agate! Collect Strange Tooth and get Dragonspine Spear as a reward.

How do I trigger the Albedos quest? ›

How To Unlock Albedo Story Quest. There are no condition to unlock this quest. You simply have to update your Genshin software to 1.2 or later version.

Who was Joel's father? ›

Andrew Buchanan: Joel's Father.

How to free Joel's father? ›

  1. Follow the Snow-Covered Path to search for Joel's father. Read the "Neatly-Written Note" on the ground.
  2. Go to the western slope of the mountain to search for Joel's father. ...
  3. Head for the summit to search for Joel's father. ...
  4. Report back to Joel.

How do I start Ekonomiya quest? ›

You need to complete the Still Water's Flow quest first before you can unlock Enkanomiya. To unlock this quest, however, you need to be at least Adventure Rank 30. You also need to complete both the Archon Quest Chapter 2:Act 3 and the Moon-bathed Deep quest.

How do you unlock the full Dragonspine? ›

Rock tombs with several yellow carvings can be found at different locations in Dragonspine. Interacting with them will unlock a hidden door filled with treasure. Check Out All Ancient Carvings Here!

How do you get to the domain on top of Dragonspine? ›

The domain is located at the center of the Dragonspine area and is not available to players from the very start. In order to gain access to the Domain and the center of Dragonspine, you must first complete the quest “In the Mountains” and clear the path to this specific part of the map.


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